Guidance for Conformance to ANSI/NSC 373

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This Guidance for Conformance to ANSI/NSC 373 was developed by Ecoform, LLC for the Natural Stone Council as part of the ongoing efforts of a number of interested parties to document and improve the sustainability profile of natural dimension stone production. This document complements American National Standard, NSF/ANSI 373 – Sustainability Assessment for Natural Dimension Stone, by providing information, tips, sample forms, and other useful guidance on certifying to the standard.

The ANSI/NSC 373 was developed to recognize and drive sustainability practices in the natural dimension stone industry. The Standard establishes a set of well-defined environmental, ecological, social responsibility and human health metrics through a multi-stakeholder, science-based approach. The standard applies to all processors of natural stone, from quarry operations through final stone fabrication, and is intended to allow for both domestic and international market participation from natural dimension stone producers.

While this document reproduces some of the language in the ANSI/NSC standard as context for the guidance, users are cautioned that criteria text may be incomplete or missing.

This is an introduction to the full guidance document which can be accessed through the link below. 

A company intending to apply for certification will need to purchase a copy of the standard in order to pursue certification, as no guarantee is made to the accuracy of the language in this document.

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