As the united voice of the stone industry, the Natural Stone Council has been involved in most of the large initiatives within the industry since our establishment in 2003. We lead the charge when it comes to sustainability and research. We also support other associations in their efforts to promote, defend, and improve Genuine Stone® products.

Currently Promoting

Natural Stone Sustainability Standard (NSC/ANSI 373)

The NSC 373 standard examines and verifies (through a third party) numerous areas of stone production; effectivly improving the baseline for the environmental performance of natural stone. Learn More:

water energy custody & transportation chain of custody chemicals & materials excess material innovation site management land reclamation human health & safety corporate governance

Our Natural Stone Sustainability Standard has been established through ANSI, which is administered by the NSF. It is recognized by USGBC with LEED v4 through the Sourcing of Raw Materials credit. The Living Building Challenge also recognizes the standard in the Material Petal, Responsible Industry.


<a href="">Find the most up-to-date list of certified quarries on the NSF website</a>
Genuine Stone® Brand

Genuine Stone® is defined as stone which has been harvested from its in situ position within the earth’s crust and fabricated without altering the natural fabric of the material. This includes, but is not limited to: granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, quartzite, sandstone, and onyx. This does NOT include: engineered quartz surfaces, manufactured stone veneer, or other artificial building materials.

If your material fits the Genuine Stone® definition and your organization is a member of one of Natural Stone Council's affiliate's-  you are welcome to request permission to use the logo in your marketing collateral.


Regulatory Organizations

Benchmark surveys are conducted by the Natural Stone Council every 5 years. These measure how natural stone facilities comply with current regulations. This research is used to make recommendations to MSHA/OSHA boards. We also do our best to let the industry know about new regulations and how to comply.

Fatality Alert 7/9/2020

Fall Protection Safety Alert

MSHA Silica Workshop Scheduled for 10/22-23/2020

Proposed MSHA Rule on Silica

MSHA Update 6/22/2020

OSHA Update 6/22/2020

MSHA Response to COVID-19

MSHA Working Place Evaluation Resources

OSHA Inspection Planning Checklist (NSI)


Research & Results

The NSC is committed to supporting sustainable initiatives and innovations at all levels of the production of Genuine Stone products. Significant work has been accomplished to gather accurate data characterizing the environmental impacts of the natural stone industry in the form of Life Cycle Inventories, Best Practices, Case Studies, and Material Fact Sheets.

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Radon Research

In 2014, several misleading articles and claims were made public about the existence of harmful radiation in granite building materials. Several independent companies conducted research that proves conclusively that the amount of radon found occasionally in a slab of granite is not harmful to humans exposed to it.

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Looking Ahead

The Natural Stone Council is constantly looking forward. The landscape of the stone industry is ever changing and we try our best remain a step ahead. A few items that are on our radar include skilled labor shortages, environmental product disclosures (EPDs), and consumer confusion about the term 'natural stone'.

Other Industry Initiatives