Make A Difference

Stone companies in other parts of the world are embracing the sustainability trend in much greater numbers. They recognize that it is more than a marketing exercise to achieve a label that might result in more products sold.

Product manufacturers and the associations representing materials that compete directly with natural stone are spending millions in an effort to influence the criteria used by the construction industry to evaluate products.

Economics will ultimately drive the implementation of sustainability as an emerging megatrend.

What is happening is easy to ignore if you are not involved and engaged with others in the industry and paying close attention.  See “Why NSC?”; 

Implement Best Practices

The Natural Stone Council is committed to supporting sustainable initiatives and innovations at all levels of the production of Genuine Stone products. As such, best practices of the industry have been identified and these guidance documents created to provide assistance in implementing environmentally-preferable operations.

Share Your Story

The Husqvarna Group – Making a Difference

Jeff Lackie, Director of the Stone Division at Husqvarna-Diamant Boart shared the Husqvarna Group’s Global Environmental Management System document to advocate the positive direction their company has taken with sustainable operating policies. Their comprehensive document “shall establish, implement and maintain Basic Standards and Compliance and support Corporate Improvements and in the end, contribute to a Sustainable Society”. Read More

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