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As a not-for-profit organization, the Natural Stone Council (NSC) formed to unite a diverse industry of natural stone producers to broadly promote the attributes of natural stone in commercial, residential, government, institutional, educational and all types of interior and exterior applications. Its efforts to proactively position natural stone as the premier construction material takes countless hours of dedicated volunteerism – and money.  Currently, the NSC relies on industry member donations as its only form of funding.

If your company is a member of any of the affiliate associations that make up the NSC, then YOU are also a member of the NSC.  Each affiliate organization makes an annual financial contribution to fund the NSC.  Many of the member firms within  those organizations also regularly donate.  Individual contributions from employees of any affiliate organization company – regardless of the company’s donor status – are also welcome.

The money raised through business and individual donation has enabled the NSC to make significant progress in their branding campaign for Genuine Stone™ as well as supporting the Sustainability Committee on benchmarking studies, industry awareness initiatives and development of a natural dimension stone standard. These efforts would be non-existent without the financial support of donors.

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Interested in becoming a member of the Natural Stone Council through one of its affiliate organizations?  Then visit our Affiliate Organizations page to learn more about each group and where you fit in.