Genuine Stone® The Brand

Genuine Stone® The Brand



Because many engineered stone manufacturers market synthetic stone as “natural,” the industry needed a word to describe stone that is not man-made, but completely natural. In 2007 the Natural Stone Council trademarked “Genuine Stone®” creating that singular distinction and the brand strategy to promote the value and unique benefits of genuine stone and to educate the design, construction, and consumer communities on what makes nature’s own building material special. What followed was a multi-faceted branding campaign comprised of a “Genuine Stone®” logo inspired by ancient coins; a website to centralize and disseminate the best information on natural stone that the industry has to offer; and print advertisements suggesting that natural stone is “as genuine as you.”

Differentiating natural stone products from competitors continues to be a long-standing priority for the NSC. Donations to the NSC support a national branding effort.

How can you help?

Currently, the NSC relies on industry member donations as its only form of funding.  If your company is a member of any of the affiliate associations that make up the NSC, then YOU are also a member of the NSC.  Each affiliate organization makes an annual financial contribution to fund the NSC.  Many of the member firms within  those organizations also regularly donate.  Individual contributions from employees of any affiliate organization company – regardless of the company’s donor status – are also welcome.

Affiliate associations of the NSC, and and their member companies are encouraged to promote their membership within the NSC, as well as promote the Genuine Stone® brand. Logo Usage