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Natural Stone Council Regulatory Committees

Natural stone quarry and fabrication operations have had increasing concerns with the regulatory practices of MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in regards to inconsistent and unpredictable enforcement efforts as well as disproportionate penalties and fines.    This burden is negatively affecting businesses in the stone industry, particularly given that the regulations were written over 50 years ago.   Members of the Natural Stone Council need and want a sensible regulator/operator relationship.   This committee was formed to lead the natural stone industry to resolution of a number of common concerns and issues.  This committee needs participants to provide inspection documentation through their quarterly business survey. Elected officials have requested that this data be collected for further consideration of our regulatory concerns.  If you or your company is a member of an affiliate association/organization of the NSC, please complete the NSC-MineOwner,Fabricator,(MSHA-OSHA)SurveyRev5.15 and return it to the respective affiliate.  All data compiled in the NSC database will not be broken down by member organization and all respondents will remain anonymous.

In Other News

On September 17, 2013, in response to OSHA’s recently released proposed silica rule, the Natural Stone Council’s Board of Directors unanimously voted to join the newly formed Construction Industry Safety  Coalition (CISC).  The CISC is seeking practical and cost-effective crystalline silica regulation that improves safety and health protection measures for workers. The Coalition represents thousands of employers working to protect hundreds of thousands of workers in home building, road repair, heavy industrial production, specialty trades, materials supply, and now the natural stone industry.  NSC- PressReleaseforSilicaCoalition.

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has also made available certain publications related the silica issue.

Roehrig mounted an impressive campaign to promote the Natural Stone Council’s initiative for MSHA regulatory review. Roehrig, also representing Valders Stone and Marble Company, faxed or mailed a copy of the NSC MSHA/OSHA Position Statement along with this cover letter to dozens of US Congressional and Senate leadership. Other industry members are invited and encouraged to do the same. Roehrig supplied his list of contacted officials. If your state or local official is not listed – consider sending them a similar package. [Read more]

MSHA/OSHA Sub-Committee Chairs:

Bill Hood, Dixie Granite Company, Inc.

Monica Gawet, Tennessee Marble Company

MSHA OSHA Comm Member Roster

Environmental Compliance Sub-Committee:

Dan Posthuma, Michels Corporation

Volunteers are needed for this important committee work. Interested? Contact Dan Posthuma.